July 14, 2009

Top Five Cheap Flight Destinations

At the moment, it's easy to see how some people would be worried about vacation costs this year. Travel is too expensive for many people because of the economy and threats of layoffs. However, there are still cheap travel destinations if you are willing to do your homework. The bulk of your vacation cost will probably go towards your flight and your hotel stay. So, finding a cheap flight and taking advantage of other options can greatly reduce the cost of your vacation. Here are the top five cheap flight destinations that you should consider:

New York City and Other Big Cities
You can often find cheap flights to New York City and other big cities because they are home to large airports. When you fly into a large airport, you have more airline options, which can lower the price. Big cities can be a lot of fun, but are not usually high on the list for tourist destinations, since people are more likely to want to head to the beach or mountains for vacation. As an added bonus, that means that other activities in the cities are also less expensive. Most big cities even have government-sponsored museums, parks, and zoos which are free or under $10 for admission.

Florida or Southern California
The price of your flight often depends on your point of origin. One thing that is almost always a sure bet, though, is that it will typically be cheaper to stay in the United States than to travel abroad. If you live in the eastern half of the country, Florida is a natural choice. You can find flights into Orlando and Miami for just $100 to $200 if you are leaving from a larger northern airport. In the west, southern California is a great destination for the same reason. If you live in the center of the United States, check both Florida and California prices. Also, don't forget that visiting the gulf of Texas is also an option.

If you absolutely just want to experience a different country, Canada is a great option. Staying near the United States and not having to cross an ocean helps keep the price of the flight down as low as possible. Canada is also not a huge tourism center, so prices for flights are naturally lower than, for example, Hawaii. Keep in mind that travelling can still get pricey once you arrive at your destination with the current exchange rate, so budget accordingly. However, with the money you'll save on a flight, it could be worth it. You won't find warm, sunny beaches in Canada, but you will find some great wilderness resorts, and there are a number of cities that are fun to visit, such as Toronto.

The Caribbean
Believe it or not, the prices for plane tickets to the Caribbean are actually fairly affordable. Although this is a tourist hotspot, the sheer number of flights going into and out of these airports drives the price down. When you work with your travel agent, you can also often get a lower price because they get discounts for selling a certain number of flights on one airline - and flights are easy to book to the Caribbean. There aren't as many tourists flying to, for example, Italy on the other hand, so they aren't likely to get a discount on that airline. You can save even more money in general by choosing to fly to Puerto Rico, since it is still a territory of the United States.

Some vacationers have been shying away from Mexico recently. However, if you stick to tourist hot spots and use a little discretion, you can be very safe in this country. Flights into Mexico are inexpensive for the same reasons that flights into Canada are inexpensive, you are staying near the United States and you don't have to cross an ocean. You'll still pay more for a flight to Mexico than most domestic flights, but if you shop around for good deals, you should be able to travel fairly inexpensively.

Flying will always be expensive, no matter how much price comparison you do to different destinations. There are a few things you can do to keep the price as low as possible, wherever your destination may be. First, be flexible with your dates. Flights are usually more expensive on weekend and near holidays. You can also add more layovers to your flight or take nighttime flights to save money. Finally, when you book your flight, try not to plan activities that you have to rush to as soon as you land. That way, if there is an overbooking problem, you can volunteer to take a later flight. If you do that, most airlines will refund your ticket and give you an additional free flight to use in the future.

Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer and blogger who writes about vacations and the travel industry in general, often discussing vacation tips such as finding cheap flights.

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