July 14, 2009

3 Ways to Use Cheap Web Conferencing Software the Airlines Don't Want You to Know About

It's no surprise the airline industry is having financial troubles. It seems fewer people are flying these days and that equals fewer profits. Maybe it's because travelers have less disposable income or maybe because of the added delays due to security issues, but the fact is the airlines are in trouble. Other than people flying for personal reasons, the airlines rely heavily on business travelers for a large portion of their passengers, but unfortunately for the airlines, web conferencing software and other online meeting tools may soon make the problem even worse.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways they can increase their productivity and become more profitable. One of the fastest and easiest ways they can do both of these is to start using cheap web conferencing software to reduce the amount of time spent traveling for business meetings. By reducing the amount of time an employee is out of the office and also the expense of travel and lodging, a company can instantly save money and increase the productivity of its employees.

Here are a few of the ways cheap web conferencing software can help you travel less and meet more.

Online Sales Presentations

Web conferencing software may not completely eliminate the need to travel for business meetings, but it can greatly reduce it. Most web conferencing applications give you the ability to either launch meetings instantly or schedule future meetings. A phone conversation with a possible client could easily turn into an online sales presentation and demonstration of your product or service. In most cases it's a simple as clicking a button to launch a meeting and sending the other person the information to join the meeting. In less than 2 minutes you could be giving your prospective customer the same informative presentation you give when you meet someone face to face. The only difference is instead of taking a day or two for travel time, it takes you as little as 2 minutes to connect and present. Using web conferencing software, you could give sales presentations to customers in multiple countries and on multiple continents in the same day and all without leaving your office.

Most professional grade web conference software can handle the audio portion of the meeting as well. You will usually have the option for meeting attendees to either call a number provided by the web conferencing service, or you can do the audio over the internet using the VoIP feature integrated into the web conference software. The VoIP feature allows meeting attendees to get all conferencing data over the internet and avoid any possible long distance fees that may be associated with calling a phone number for the meeting audio. As the meeting scheduler, you will most likely have the option to provide one of both of these features to meeting attendees.

Online Team Collaboration

In the connected world we all live and work in today, it's not uncommon for team members to be in completely different locations. Without the use of web conferencing software, this could be a very painful task. Even with the ability to do a phone conference, things usually get difficult at some point. With a phone conference, you need to send all those involved the documents you will be discussing and try to keep everyone on the same page.

When you use a cheap web conferencing solution for team collaboration, all of the problems associated with phone conferencing are eliminated. No more trying to make sure everyone is looking at the same file, because they will all be looking at the same exact file being shown by the presenter. The presenter can choose to show their screen to all members of the meeting, or only select individuals. With the presenter having the ability to share their screen with everyone, that means all meeting attendees can see the file regardless of if they have the software application needed to open that type of file. This will eliminate file compatibility issues and ensure everyone can see the files being discussed.

Another great feature for team collaboration is the ability for the presenter to allow other meeting members to control their mouse and keyboard and they can even pass control to another member of the meeting so that person can share their desktop and files with the group.

Online Training and Customer Support

This is where all the features of your web conferencing software really come together and give you a powerful tool to provide your customers with real time, interactive support and provide distant employees in depth, live training.

Chances are we've all spent at least a little time on the phone with computer tech support while they tried to tell us how to fix the problem we were having. If your company provides such support, then you probably deal with this on a daily basis. Trying to explain how to fix a computer issue over the phone can be a time consuming and most of the time frustrating procedure. You're customers have better things to do with their time and quite frankly, so do you. They bough your product to make their lives easier and now they want you to make this tech support issue as painless as possible. This is no problem if you're using the right web conferencing application. Simply launch a meeting, send your customer the easy to follow instructions to connect to the meeting and once you're both connected, your customer can simply give your tech support rep control of their computer and have them fix it instead of explain how to do it. Wow, now there's a powerful tool that can convenience you customers that tech support doesn't have to be a painful process.

Online employee training is just as easy. Give training presentations and even allow employees to take training sessions straight from your computer. No more having employees travel all over the world for additional training, or sending your company trainer to their location. Now that you're using web conferencing software, you can do it all from one location.

If you're ready to find out how you can save time and money by traveling less and meeting more, learn more about cheap web conferencing solutions at http://www.webconferencetrial.com

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