July 14, 2009

Super Cheap Airplane Tickets - How to Find Cheap Airplane Tickets

Super cheap airplane tickets are easy to get when you know the right information. The sad thing is, 99% of people will never know this information. If you ever plan on traveling by air, this article may be the most important thing you read all year! The truth is, airlines are robbing people like you and I of our hard earned money EVERY DAY. Ticket prices are outrageous as is, then we are slapped in the face with baggage fees, taxes, oxygen fees, on and on and on... It all seems so helpless, how can we defeat these greedy airline giants?

It starts with finishing this article! In it, you will learn the secrets only a select few travelers know about saving money when flying.

The first step is to book early. Everyone knows this. What you may not know is what day to buy the ticket- YES it matters what day and even time you buy your ticket. Airlines release the "new" (and cheapest) tickets on a certain day and time. Since most businesses are purchasing tickets between 9am and 5am, avoid purchasing tickets between these times as airlines like to jack up the price (because businesses will pay anything).

Next, book your stay over a weekend. Again, most people will try to fly back on a Sunday. Airlines know this and jack up price accordingly. This trick alone saved me 92$ on a round trip ticket to New Orleans.

Always try to buy tickets after holiday seasons. Airlines typically have huge promotions after holidays to keep their sales up. If you take advantage of this, you will save significant cash. If you are in the military or are a clergyman, present your card when buying tickets and you will typically receive a 5%-10% discount.

Typically, travelers will buy tickets straight from the airlines, or even from a "super cheap airplane ticket" website thinking they are getting the best deals. Yeah, you will be getting the 'best' deal online, but it's not the cheapest ticket available! Always consider talking to a travel agent when buying a ticket. Travel agents have access to significant discounts that they are willing to pass down to you if you know what to say.

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