July 14, 2009

Cheap Flight To Amsterdam - How To Get A Great Deal

Where can one find a cheap flight to Amsterdam? With airfare representing anything up to half of the cost of a holiday abroad but bringing no benefit other than getting you there, it is especially important to try and bag a good deal.

Cheap Flight To Amsterdam From The USA

Your best bet when flying from the USA is to check a number of online price comparison engines. The best of these include Kayak and Orbitz but you can find out more in our detailed analysis - read further below.

Sometimes you can obtain a good deal direct from the carrier but this is rare.

Cheap Flight To Amsterdam From The UK And Europe

The European short haul market to Amsterdam is well established and there are well over fifty carriers flying to Schipol, the main airport.

The biggest regional carrier is Easyjet but there are a number of others too.

In UK and Europe, the best way to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam is to go direct to the airline's website. Price comparison engines can sometimes offer a special deal but this is rare and, quite frankly, the prices are usually outrageous.

There are also usually more options when flying in this part of the world such as being able to fly to a regional airport. For instance, Ryanair flies to Eindhoven and there are a few carriers who fly to Rotterdam. The transportation network in The Netherlands is very efficient and Amsterdam is only a short train or coach ride away.

Can't find a good deal anywhere? You'll want to read our full detailed guide to getting a cheap flight to Amsterdam, courtesy of Amsterdam Review.

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