July 14, 2009

The Ten Commandments For Cheap Flight Tickets

1. Thou shall book your tickets in Advance.
Explanation: Airlines typically offer cheap flight tickets/ discounted tickets 7- 21 days in advance. For best results you should try buying Cheap Airline Tickets as early as a month ahead.

2. Thou shall book a round trip on your holidays and Business trips.
Explanation: Round Trips tend to be lot cheaper than two one way trips. It is advised to book a round trip if you are going on a holiday or a business trip where you are likely to return to your origin.

3. Thou shall keep your travel dates Flexible.
Explanation: A day before or a day after of your proposed date of travel could cost you hundreds of dollars less than your original fare.

4. Thou shall fly in lean season.
Explanation: Air travel is divided in three seasons high, low, and shoulder. Consider the low season for your travel if it is possible, this can save you around 30% or more compared to high season airfares.

5. Thou shall be flexible with your travel timings.
Explanation: flights which depart early in the morning or late at night, are generally cheaper. So if you don't mind traveling at odd times you could save quite a bit on your travel.

6. Thou shall use National carriers for International Flights.
Explanation: If you are traveling abroad, try choosing national airlines of the destination country, there are generally less taxes involved on national airlines.

7. Thou shall be flexible with the airports.
Explanation: Search ticket prices for all surrounding airports to your city of origin and destination. It can be less expensive to arrive or depart from a surrounding airport or city. Do your math to see if you save or spend more money with this option.

8. Thou shall do an online survey of prices before booking your tickets.
Explanation: Do not forget to do a little survey before you decide to book your flight tickets, compare prices on travel portals and airline websites.

9. Thou shall Look for flights that leave during slow periods.
Explanation: The week days (Tuesday.-Thursday.) generally considered slow periods. With less demand the fares are much lower.

10. Thou shall use frequent flyer program.
Explanation: If you fly a lot, join a frequent flyer program; such a program offers long-term discounts.

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The Author Mr. Manas Kumar he has got specialization knowledge in Travel and Tourism (Flight Tickets, Airline Tickets) Industry he understand the desired of traveler and providing always adequate information to traveler with consolidator.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mans_Kumar

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