July 14, 2009

Tips For Booking Cheap Flights to Dublin

There's no one site or airline that can guarantee cheap flights to all destinations at all times. Air Fare costs generally depends on timing and which airline you use. Dublin's peak times are Christmas, summer, St Patrick's Day (March 17th), when rugby internationals are held in Dublin, and during the Irish and UK school holidays. No set of rules apply though, each booking is on an individual basis however there are some top tips to remember.
  1. The earlier you book the cheaper the flight.
  2. Be as flexible as possible with dates.
  3. Research the general cost with different airlines to get a guide price.
  4. Check for deals and bargains on airlines own web site.
  5. Choose off peak flights, weekdays, late night and early morning flights.
  6. Book any deals straight away, don't wait!
  7. Sign up for email alerts from airlines.
  8. Check end price as taxes etc. can get added on at the end.

For flights to Dublin the main airlines to look for deals with are Ryanair, Aer Lingus, British Airways, BMI, Air France, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Continental. These airlines offer similar services on getting a cheap flight to Dublin (depending on the origin of your journey).


Book your flight as far in advance (3-6 months) as you can and bear in mind to be flexible with dates and flight times. Dublin Airport is situated close to the city and offers a 24-hour, daily transport service allowing you to reach your destination in Dublin with ease day or night.

If you're booking nearer to your departure date, travelling after 12pm on Monday and before 12pm on Thursday are usually the cheapest days. However you'll need to book two weeks in advance to avail of most deals but preferably four weeks ahead of your travel date. This particularly applies to the off peak season and early morning and late night flights.

Do your homework...

It is worth looking at each of the airlines to get an idea of the average price to fly to Dublin, from your departure airport. Generally the airlines publish flights for both short and long haul three to six months in advance.

Keep an eye on fare comparison sites as they monitor flight costs however beware that these sites do not always cover all the airlines and check the date and time they last updated their information.


All airlines offer cheap flights at various times, however they are often one way so your return journey may end up costing you more than you bargained for. Some airlines such as Ryanair (Ryanair Bargains) offer a service where they'll keep you updated on any deals to the destination of your choice. So if you see a good deal, book it straight away as destinations and dates change constantly as well as bargain flight prices.

Hidden/end costs...

The price you first see quoted is more often than not much cheaper than the price you actually pay at the end. Be aware of the hidden costs that airlines are now charging, airport tax, handling fees for credit cards, luggage, seating together if there's more that one travelling, priority boarding etc. This is of particular relevance when booking with budget (no frills) airlines.

Take into account weight allowance for luggage and how many pieces of luggage are included in the quoted price. Long haul flights tend to allow two pieces of checked in luggage with little difference in weight allowance. However most short haul flights charge for all checked in luggage. Remember, the cost quoted foe checked in luggage is usually only for one way. So for example if you see 'charge per bag 7.00 Euro' this will be 14.00 Euro.

Check out what is covered in the in-flight service as food and drinks can add significantly to the overall cost of your flight if not included in the ticket.

Another top tip is to book on-line where you can to help keep the overall cost down. Booking at a travel agent or at the airport can sometimes be higher.

The reality of booking a cheap flight to Dublin is to keep in mind at all times: book as early as possible, take advantage of deals straight away, be flexible, compare prices on all airlines and be aware of the hidden costs that can turn a cheap ticket into an expensive one. If you keep these tips in mind when booking your journey to Dublin you will have a lot more ready cash to truly enjoy all the wonders the city has to offer.

Another tip is to always book your accommodation in advance. Booking on line can also save you time, money and hassle.

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website http://www.GoIreland.com.

Visit GoIreland for all you need to know before visiting Dublin, like what to see and where to go. View B&Bs, guesthouses and self catering in Dublin as well as Dublin hotels.

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