August 22, 2009

Use These Amazing Tricks to Find a Cheap Flight

Did anyone tell you about ways to find a cheap flight lately? I am sure you must be over loaded with tricks like "Plan Your Trip In Advance", "Avoid Booking Tickets for Weekdays", "Choose a Round Trip", "Avoid Holidays" and "Do Not Book a Flight with a Departure Time between 9 to 6". I would rather call them as general guidelines instead of tricks as I believe that most people know them already.

I travel quite frequently. So there are a number of things I notice among airlines that helps me buy the cheapest tickets. First, I carry out some meaningful research about airlines. By that I do not mean that I check their ticket price every day and rush to an agent the moment I find a cheap one. Yes, I certainly check the ticket prices but I draw some interesting conclusion from it as well. As per my research I notice that:

1. The price of a ticket depends upon a number of factors like peak season, peak days, and frequency etc.

2. Except for peak time or season, airline companies have pattern as when they fluctuate their ticket prices to attract more travelers. This pattern varies from an airline to other. You need to find out a pattern that is relevant to your destination.

3. Some airlines are very strict about their ticket price and do not change their price too often. So, you can be happy and relaxed once you buy such tickets that you did not pay extra money.

4. Ticket price for a few destinations are more likely to be changed. This depends upon airlines too.
These are only a few patterns. Maybe, you can figure out more meaningful information that is relevant to your destination. For example, you may notice ticket price for a regular flight in Asia is quite low even though it is a good tourist destination. Such conclusions will surely benefit you.

Finally, do keep an eye on your ticket price once you purchase it. If it changes drastically and goes down, you can sometime call the airline and explain the situation. If they are generous enough, they may pay the difference of the ticket price to you.

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