August 22, 2009

Sydney Airport Parking Fees - What Are Your Options to Keep Costs Down?

Airport parking fees are relatively high when compared to the past. As a proportion of travel cost (when compared to airline flight costs) airport parking prices have increased substantially in recent years. So how can you ensure that you do not pay any more than you should for parking? Let's find out...

In recent years we have seen airfares reduce in cost. In fact Virgin Blue, when they began flying in Australia, said that they were not competing with Qantas for passengers. Their strategy and argument was that they were offering low priced air travel that attracts people who could not ordinarily afford to fly. This resulted in more people traveling to the airports than before. Consequently, the demand for airport parking increased, thereby prompting airports to invest in additional parking facilities.

Let's look at the facts using Sydney Airport in Australia as an example.

Sydney Airport is Australia's most significant piece of aviation infrastructure, handling around half of all international passengers travelling to and from Australia. Sydney's resident population is expected to grow by twenty five percent within 25 years, with well over 5 million people expected to make the city their home. This will undoubtedly place more strain on infrastructure for motorists.

Sydney airport has twenty two thousand aircraft movements per month (based on June 2009 figures). Thirty one thousand passengers will depart Sydney Airport during the weekdays and twenty nine thousand over the weekend. Twenty nine percent of people who visit Sydney Airport will park their car and sixty five percent of people who collect passengers from the airport will park their car at the airport.

So with a growing population and more people travelling, airports around Australia will struggle to meet demand for parking. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of innovative solutions to this growing problem. New businesses that specialize in airport transfers have sprung up and are becoming very popular. Here's what's happening.

Businesses that offer alternative parking solutions to using airport facilities are typically located very close to the airport. To access their services, you can book ahead and then on the day of travel, you drive to the service provider's location and check your car in. Most then offer a shuttle bus service to the airport and some offer a more personalized service. Most have dedicated drop-off zones, so are able to drop you right outside the departure terminal doors or will collect you from in front of arrivals. This is a benefit for those carrying luggage because typically the airport parking facilities are some way from the terminal.

These businesses offer additional services too. These include such things as security (CCTV or secure facilities), and a car wash so that you collect your car in a clean state. You won't find these services at airports!

So where can you find these facilities? Well, we have made it easy for you...

It is not easy to find alternatives to parking at Sydney Airport. There are websites that have already collected information on all the providers in one place. They also show comparative pricing to make it easier to choose. Have a look at the biography in this article for information on Sydney airport parking and Brisbane airport parking.

In summary, the population of capital cities is growing and airline prices have reduced. These two factors alone are having a significant impact on the numbers of people who travel by air. This has led to growth in demand for parking and that, in turn, has driven up prices.

In this article I have explained the alternative to parking at Sydney Airport and the benefits of doing so. So why not give one of these services a trial next time you fly? You might be surprised at how much you save on airport parking fees.

Sydney airport parking fees are a consideration for travelers.

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