August 22, 2009

A Few Tips on Cheap Flights - How to Get the Best Deal

The Airline industry is going through a hard time nowadays. It is making great effort to attract more number of customers. That's how more airlines are offering nice schemes, especially on air travel to Asia. If you plan your travel as per these schemes, you can save as much as half of a ticket expense in many cases. Good news is that there are plenty of airlines that offer great deal on Asian flights, so travelling to Asia can be the best thing in this time of recession. All you need to do is to take care of a few things in order to get a great deal on air fares.

Avoid a travel agent

Avoid booking your tickets by a travel agent as you can plan and book your ticket in the best way. Only thing that can help you in getting a great deal is your travel plan and research about air fares. This way you save commission of agent on ticket, and completely eliminate the risk of a bad deal as well.

Be Flexible With Your Dates

Airlines offer cheap tickets on certain dates that you may not desire to fly on. So, it is good to be flexible with your travel plan. I would recommend visiting airlines websites frequently to watch as when they offer you a good deal. Being flexible with dates always pays you. You can very well notice how drastically price change on weekends for most destinations. Sometimes, you can be even surprised how much you can save if you can be flexible with your travelling plan.

Perform a Comparative Study

There are many website that give facility of comparing air fares of various airlines on a particular day. Perform a research if they can give you a good deal. Even if you don't get one, it is good to wait for a few days as various airlines surprisingly change their ticket price quite often.

To start with you can refer to websites, such as that offer information about Cheap Asian flights and help you more in finding a good deal.

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