August 22, 2009

Booking a Flight Online

If you're going on an spontaneous trip, you can search and book at the last second. But, if you MUST be in attendance for Christmas or Mother's Day or a wedding or cruise, scheduling air travel at least six weeks in advance is probably a good plan.

Internet booking gurus suggest the best time to shop for your flight on the web is a Monday or Tuesday. Airlines sometimes lower fares early in the week and raise them again just before the weekend. Begin your quest for scheduling a flight with a search engine that does a complete fare search.... on a website like Kayak. This should return a list of flights with the top schedule and cost.

If you would like to save cash, consider traveling to a smaller airport. Airfares can be less expensive from those outlying airports and parking may cost less, also. If your vacation time allows it, try to take flight on non-peak days. (For instance - in the U.S., avoid the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after... Those are beyond doubt PEAK travel days and will be the most costly.)

Don't think the general search engines are the only places to check. Check airline sites in your quest for scheduling a flight. Airlines pay commissions to other booking engines, so more and more they are posting the best air fares on their own websites. There may be deals that other search engines can't find. These specials often appear for a short time, and they're ordinarily not advertised.

It's better to steer clear of itineraries that require a lot connections or different airlines. Each stop and connection is a potential problem for missed connections. You might save a few bucks if everything goes correctly, but you'll have a genuine headache if things go amiss. And, if you've got to be at hand, a couple of extra dollars for a non-stop or direct flight is well worth the peace of mind! Get up early and try to catch the first flight, it's the one that is least likely to be delayed.

If you HAVE to be there for that celebration, wedding or cruise, we propose scheduling your trip at least 24 hours before you need to be there. If you have a connection, be positive there is an adequate amount of time to get to the next plane, even if the first one is delayed. Try to look for a minimum connection time of two hours.

Weather delays take place summer or winter and the airlines are not accountable for these. They will not compensate you for delays resulting from weather. They will try to get you on the next available flight, but that might not be until the next day, and if you haven't allowed enough time, you may miss the wedding, or the boat, literally.

Be smart when you're booking a flight on the computer, and your vacation will get off to a delightful start.... And you will get back home on schedule.

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