December 04, 2009

Romantic Honeymoon in Sin City With Cheap Flights to Vegas

To travel to a great destination with unbelievable package deal is the way to go these days. Newlyweds need not fret of wondering where to spend their honeymoon that would be worth every penny they spend. Cheap flights to Las Vegas would mean unforgettable honeymoon extravaganza.

Why go to a million miles away from home getaway villa just to get that unique exotic backdrop where you can get it somewhere much nearer with a lot of glitz that would surely make your honeymoon totally different and as wild as those spur-of-the-moment weddings. The great plus on this vacation is that Las Vegas is not only for the high rollers but thanks to them hotel room rates and entertainment are kept on relatively low unless you are planning on staying on the top luxurious suites.

If you want to go on a more secluded spot but still be able to enjoy the kind of entertainment that only Vegas can offer, you can do it. There is nothing impossible in the heart of Nevada. Fantasy and reality can easily be forged in without having to hustle to different airports.

The secret is getting to a hotel that is not that near to the main center of the hustle and bustle but not too far to join in the Vegas fun where you are in the partying mood.

Going to Las Vegas using cheap flights does not only mean you are to lounge in casinos and play the whole day. Every single thing that other luxurious resorts have to offer, Vegas has. However, not all luxury resorts scattered around the world can say that they have the same things that Las Vegas has.

There are practically so many things to do in Vegas that you cannot really do them all in one trip. It is indeed a fact that most honeymooners would not want to go out of their rooms but when one wants to experience amazing things that would make their honeymoon even more memorable than just spending it on the bed, Vegas can fulfill every fantasy a couple may have.

Sin City has a very warm climate and so pools are practically everywhere but the difference is that they just don't build normal ordinary pools. They make it an experience. Drop by the Mandalay Bay Hotel and check out their pool. You might be wondering why you are on a beach on the heart of a desert but yes, it is some sort of Water Park complete with white sand and waves. However, newlyweds would want to indulge in a more private romantic water experience and so they offer the Wet and Wild adult area. You need not worry because it is a secluded part of the hotel that no underage kid can enter.

If you arrived in Las Vegas using cheap flights then go and splurge the extra money saved on the hotel choice. Highly recommended would be the following:

Paris Hotel. Experience the delights of French cuisine and interiors. It is as if you walked into the streets of Paris and to top it off, they have their own version of the famous Eiffel Tower. You need not go to the City of Lights just to be able to say we were able to dine in Eiffel Tower during our honeymoon since they have a restaurant in the mezzanine level or you can do all those romantic things you want on top of the tower after riding on the glass elevators just like Tom Cruise did with wife Katie Holmes.

The Venetian. No need to fly over to Italy to experience the romantic atmosphere of Venice. The hotel was constructed to make any guest feel that they are really out in the quaint Italian city. A Gondola ride is a must for honeymooners where a couple is expected to snuggle and exchange kisses while being serenaded by the gondolier. It's a bit cliché but Venice won't be considered one of the most romantic cities without those gondola rides. Take the ride in the evening when the waterways are not that crowded plus the air is much cooler.

Four Seasons Hotel. This is part of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino which offers more intimate surroundings just perfect for newlywed couples. It has a more serene environment since it has no gaming areas. It is more like a sanctuary where you want to go when you want to get out of the blinding lights of the Strip. Look out in the balcony and get a spectacular view of the city while you sip your favorite cocktail or just take advantage of the exotic Asian masseurs and unique massaging treatments in their award-winning Spa center.

These are just some of the reasons why Vegas is considered of the one great honeymoon hot spots. Start by getting the Las Vegas cheap flights and you are on your way to a great romantic getaway.

Las Vegas cheap flights are almost essential to find when Booking your Las Vegas trip. There is no reason to spend a ton of money booking your cheap flights, when that money could be spent enjoying your time on vacation.

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