December 04, 2009

Check Out the Czech Republic With Cheap Flights to Prague

Known as the "city of spires", Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic (once Czechoslovakia). Freed from the Soviet empire and renamed the Czech Republic in 1993, Prague has thrived under capitalism and is now considered one of the premier destinations for tourists in Eastern Europe.

Unlike a time several decades ago, when you simply couldn't get into Prague, there are now cheap flights to Prague from most large cities in the United States.

Over 1.2 million people live in Prague, and over three times that many visit the city each year, and for good reason. Prague, in addition to being a historical mecca, has some of the most extraordinary architecture to be found anywhere in Europe.

There are a number of famed museums in Prague, including the National Museum, Jewish Museum, and the National Library and Gallery. The Czech Philharmonic and Prague Symphony both play in Prague, and the State Opera is legendary.

Cheap flights to Prague are mostly available from larger international airports, although you can find connecting flights from all local airports. But, no matter where you are coming from, flights are much cheaper than they were just a few years ago.

Although one wouldn't think of Prague as a culinary destination, it most certainly is, and some of the restaurants in this city are world renowned. You will be able to try foods that you would never experience back home, in some of the most stunning restaurants you have ever seen.

Prague is also known for its film and music festivals, which run throughout the year, making any time a good time to go to Prague.

Cheap flights to Prague, once unheard of, are now common place and can be obtained throughout the year. If you are interested in visiting the Czech Republic, then Prague is your first stop and the best destination for your air flight.

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