December 04, 2009

Non-Stop Partying at the Fremont Street Way Via Las Vegas Cheap Flights

No other city in the world can come close to the kind of partying that the people of Las Vegas can come up with. No need to be a high roller to experience the glitz and the glamour of the famous Sin City.

Las Vegas Cheap flights packages are now available all year round so there is practically no reason not to go there. The whole place is just beaming with all kinds of entertainment for all ages. Where in the world would you see a fantasy world along a strip in a desert? It's only in Vegas.

Millions of tourists each year flocked to Fremont Street in Las Vegas as they showcase a nightly show under a huge white canopy occupying around four blocks with great quality speakers blaring out party music blending well with the high-tech bright colorful lightshow using the largest electric Signage or graphic system known to man. It is a 90 feet tall LED display by 1,400 feet in length which uses around 12 million LED lamps to create that spectacular musical/light show.

Imagine listening to Don McLean's American Pie while watching a whole array of stunning images or enjoy songs like We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody like never before as they give tribute to Queen, one of the world's musical legends.

The best part of this whole street party experience is that it is for free. No need to pay to watch the light and music show. Showtime starts at 8:30 every night and gives out a different show every hour until 12 midnight. Each show lasts around 6 minutes.

If you are a beer drinker, the more you are going to love this Vegas hot spot because you can get loaded without leaving any dent on your wallet or your credit card. Cheap flights to Las Vegas also mean cheap beer drinking festival for you and your friends.

Along with it is an open air pedestrian mall which offers just about anything under the sun. Your time is not enough for the hordes of musical shows and concerts that you can find there. The nightly shows and concert performers are just as varied. You can stay there for a week and you are in no danger of watching the same show and the same artists each night. The constant flow of entertainers is truly amazing.

The restaurants are as varied as the musical shows. All kinds of cuisines can be found there. The selection is just as huge as the place and quite affordable as well.

There are lots of people with cheap beer out there on the street partying; next thing you'll ask is if it is safe. Absolutely. You will find a lot of security men around the area patrolling and just making sure everything is just as it should be. One thing that just might even surprise you is the cleanliness of the place. Las Vegas really knows how to have fun without getting messy.

Partying in Sin City is relatively easy now and definitely more affordable with the availability of cheap flights to Las Vegas. Get ready to make your ticket reservation. Remember this part of Vegas is for everyone. You just might see old blue eyes Frank Sinatra smoking on your left or a martini-drinking Dean Martin along with friend Sammy Davis Jr. flirting with blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe on your right. The impersonators are literally all over the place and that makes it even more interesting. No dull moment and space in Downtown Vegas.

Get that unique Fremont Street experience, which you can only get by taking advantage of the Las Vegas cheap flights available now. The moment the sun goes down prepare for a light and sound extravaganza.

Las Vegas cheap flights are almost essential to find when Booking your Las Vegas trip. There is no reason to spend a ton of money booking your cheap flights, when that money could be spent enjoying your time on vacation.

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