October 17, 2009

Cheap Flights For You : One Fee, Unlimited Flying - The Airline Industry's Newest Deals Considered

Cheap Flights For You

JetBlue has announced a special deal where they will let you fly on their airline and have unlimited flights for one month for just under $600. This is something new to the airlines, although American Airlines did for a while have a deal for one year unlimited flying anywhere in the world for just under $20,000.

It will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of this deal with JetBlue and how much it helps their bottom line. It stands to reason that they will make money on this plan and I'm sure they've calculated the number of empty seats on their flights and the amount of money this could potentially generate. But even if it only breaks even, the PR value to doing something like this makes a lot of sense in and of itself.

For instance, when JetBlue announced this it was on every television news station, as well as all day on the financial news. It also sends a clear message to the entire industry that JetBlue is a player, and a competitor and is braving the storm through this recessionary period.

If you are doing a lot of travel in a certain month it makes a lot of sense. Indeed, if you travel for your business each year, during a certain month this might be a very good way to save quite a bit of money. And you'll have a set expense figure, making things easy.

There will be people who take advantage of this program that could save a bundle. But chances are most of the people that opt for the monthly prize, will probably not use up all the money they would have if they merely purchased discount tickets two weeks in advance. Still you have to admit it is a pretty interesting discount program. Please consider all this.

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