October 17, 2009

Cheap Flights For You : American Airline Promo Codes

Cheap Flights For You

With the competition becoming fiercer every day, its no wonder airlines are trying to come up with new ways of getting people to purchase their airline tickets straight from the official airline website. One of the latest deals airlines around the world are offering to draw passengers to their websites is a "promotional code". These codes, often referred to as "promo codes" are a combination of numbers and letters that the airline uses to offer passengers discounts on airfares or other types of special deals.

Of course, American Airlines is among the many big international carriers that use this marketing strategy to attract customers to their site. American airline promo codes can be found right on the official website.

American Airlines uses a downloadable desktop tool called "DealFinder" that enables the site to search for special offers, fare discounts and vacation packages based on a customer's choice of destination, date of departure and price range. With DealFinder, a passenger will receive notifications of deals that fit their preferences through email or RSS feed.

American airline promo codes are available for discounts on national fares as well as some international fares. These codes are also on hand for hotel and car rental deals. Once you have gotten your hands on a discount code the obvious advantage that you have over the regular consumer is that you will be able to purchase tickets for a reduced rate. The amount of discount varies depending on the time of year and location but can often be in excess of 30%

Scott is a spendthrift that loves getting great deals on flights, the best way he has found is by picking up Airline promotion codes or just scouring the airlines until you find dirt cheap airline tickets.

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