July 27, 2009

Points to Remember before Book Cheap Flights Online

Cheap flights, yes everybody wants cheap flights for his/her travel destination. Only for cheap flights you can see lots of travel portal online available for you but only few of them know about how online travel site gives you your cheap airfare on one search.

Today I will tell you how these travel sites book there cheap flights only one search and from where they get commission. So before book cheap flights online you should know about travel industries. These ares-

IATA: IATA stands for International Association of Travel Agents. IATA governs the rules by which Travel Agents sell tickets to consumers for there cheap flights and also by which Airline industry manages them. Only IATA approved Consolidators or Agents are allowed to issue tickets. One has to take an IATA number to issue tickets.

Consolidator: Consolidators are Airlines’ authorized agents (or wholesalers) who are allowed to sell certain percentage of seats on a flight at negotiated prices. Airlines have developed Consolidator network over the last 30 years. There is usually a contract between the airlines and consolidators with confidential pricing. Such Consolidator network was developed to develop a retail channel to reach consumer through an Airline-Consolidator-Travel Agent Channel.

Consolidator Fares: Fares sold through Consolidator at Consolidator-Airline contract are called the Consolidator Fares. These are also called negotiated fares, contract fares, private fares, wholesale fares or discounted fares. Over the years, Airlines faxed these contracts to Consolidators, who in turn send those again to

Published Fares: By IATA rules, all airlines have to issue a tariff pricing and make it public to all Travel Agents and consumers for all the airline routes an airline flies and offers commercial service. This pricing is called Published Pricing.

GDS: GDS stands for Global Distribution System. There are 5 GDS companies in the US Galileo (also known as Apollo in the US); Saber, Amadeus and WorldSapn. These system hold inventory of all flights around the world and Published Pricing of all routes if an airline participates in a GDS. Airline pay GDS companies to keep their inventory and Published Pricing in the GDS, which is used by Travel Agents and websites around the world to make bookings in the GDS. Certain airlines are now paying GDS to upload some of their Consolidator Fares in the GDS.

ATPCO Fares: ATPCO Fares are the private fares uploaded in the GDS by a company called ATPCO Fares.

I think now you can better understand that how travel portal get commission and what they known.

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