July 27, 2009

International flights to Asia - You got it!

Asian airfares are the best. And this is probably the only time we will advice you to check with the local travel agency instead of online booking. Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and some other part of the Middle East are the countries we have been longing to visit for a long time but something always stopped us. It doesn’t have to stop us anymore, as the flights don’t cost as much as they used to do anymore. You can get the best deals from your local travel agents. They will tell you everything you need to know about these countries. International online booking is not advisable around these places since the options are very limited.

Security Concerns

Security is what concerns us the most thinking about using a plane. There is no need to explain why. If we talk about Asian people, they prefer to book the tickets for planes in their local traveling offices. They trust the old way in getting good traveling deals from the trustworthy traveling agents that have proved to be secure compared to electronic ways of booking. One of the respondents once said: “ I can trust internet to do the booking task for me while I am in my own country , using a domestic flight , but how can I do it when I am about to go to a totally unknown country?” Hm … It does make sense. You might as well play it safe and talk with a living travel agent so you will be certain in getting cheap international flights to Asia. When you miss some information when you deal online, it is not easy to get your way around Beijing when you are downright Philadelphian! This is one of the biggest disadvantages about traveling distances away from home.

It is better to use a traveling agent when you have some questions to ask about the trip. Of course, if it is not your first time somewhere, you don’t have to wonder how to get taxi from the airport and how to change currency. But if you are a newcomer, it is difficult. Talking to a travel agent is also way much better since you might get a chance to get more deals on open-ended tickets. You can tell your agent that you are looking for a cheap opportunity to travel abroad and he will match the flight in accordance with your financial possibilities.

Frequent Flyer Points

Travel agencies have partnerships with airlines to give consumers more savings when choosing to fly via their carrier-partners. Loyalty to specific airlines lets you earn frequent flyer points giving you more savings on discount airfares. This is all a part of the service so you will be coming back for more, hopefully.

Cheap tickets to Asia are now easy to have with several deals you can ask your travel agent. You don’t have to be concerned about the trip. Let the travel agents do the task for you. You pay, and those who pay should not worry. So enjoy Asia with your discounted plane ticket. Cheap ticket is the key to another trip in the nearest future, isn’t it?


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