September 26, 2009

China Southern Airlines - You Can Use Mobile Phone Messages to Buy Air Tickets

Recently, China Southern Airlines released a brand-new service which is fast and convenient for the passengers. As long as you send your short message to 95539, you can purchase the flight ticket you need. So far, China Southern Airlines 95539 one number messages platform can provide 12 interacting services which include flights China time inquiry, airfare information inquiry, validation of e-ticket, booking the seat in advance, the taking off and landing time of flights china inquiry, city weather inquiry, pearl mileage inquiry, membership applying through message, buying flight ticket through message, freight booking inquiry, freight carrier inquiry, and freight withdrawal inquiry.

95539 one number message air-ticket-buying service is an effort that Southern Airlines makes for their passengers specially in mobile phone message age, bring a brand-new ticket-buying experience to their passengers. A passenger can send "buying air ticket" or "booking air ticket" to 95539 by his mobile phone. According to the message reply, he can select his flight, the seat he likes, and then he can input his name and ID number. After the confirmation of the system, he can input his bank card number according to the message tips to finish the payment and get the flight ticket successfully. The whole process only need a few minutes. You can get your air ticket easily.

Currently, a passenger each time can buy a single way domestic air ticket on Southern Airlines B2C website. The bank cards you can use include 8 bank like Merchant's bank, Agricultural bank, Construction bank, Shenzhen development bank, Shanghai Pudong development bank. If you want to learn more about it, you can send "?" to 95539 to inquire.

China Southern Airlines 95539 one number message platform will be updated constantly and provide more and better happy experience to their passengers, which can let their passengers enjoy "reliable, punctual, convenient"caring services.

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