August 28, 2009

Flying From New Zealand Downunder to the USA

I love to fly and this particular travel journey would see us fly from New Zealand Downunder to the United States. A travel package arranged by an airline or agent who would fly us all the way to the USA perhaps would have been one less thing to worry about, but as our budget was tight we decided to call ahead to airlines beginning with a New Zealand flight at the top of our list, and arrange our own itinerary. It meant we could fly from downunder, stop and start, anywhere we chose along the way. So for our Downunder flights we chose personalised flights and we were able to secure a good New Zealand airfare after some friendly bartering. On one hand we were eager to fly to our destination from Downunder New Zealand quickly, but realistically we had to mindful to allow plenty of time, especially with International Flights for documentation, check in times, and refreshment times. It is also better to be 2hours ahead of another flight to allow for late or unexpected problems. Thank-fully we were fortunate and never had any, but did witness some passengers who did. Late arrivals, who simply missed their flight, from one lady who was ill, and couldn't make her connecting flight. Downunder is an excellent travel destination where New Zealand is well serviced both inland and on the skywaves. Due to currency exchange New Zealand Downunder is an attractive destination.

If its for business, or a holiday from anywhere travel light and I mean light. Most basic items of clothing can be bought at your destination so don't over-pack. Travel airlines are also beginning to charge extra now just for having luggage period, so another reason to pack lightly.

Try to imagine the things you use at home over the space of one week, and that's pretty much what you will need to take with you. Not much is it. But adequate. My all time most favourite travel buddy that I bought downunder New Zealand in a holiday store, for boarding flights quickly is one of those clip around purse bags, they sit flat on your waist of over your shoulder clip together and worn like a gun holster. They are designed to carry passports, boarding passes, and allows you have your hands free, such a handy no fuss item, that I would never be without. My brother and ex detective advised me to wear it just so it sat under my t-shirt and makes it difficult for a would be pick-pocket.

Arrange all cash requirements ideally before you leave your country of origin, in our case Downunder New Zealand. In hindsight, since I knew where we would end up, I wished we had actually opened an bank account before arriving since as it turned out we arrived on a Saturday and found it difficult to find an agent to cash American Travelers Cheques ( yes I know it was the U.SA.) Good lesson to never take anything for granted.

So, we discovered not all Airports have an International Money exchange counter and if they do may not be open when your plane arrives, even though a brochure says it should be. If you will be flying into your destination and no-one will be picking you up, check ahead what transport facilities that airline operates, times, drop off points and cost. We also noticed that certain cab companies have less than honest drivers and if you don't know the town or city, you can become a target for some outrageous charges. Its worth being prepared. So when you are booking for example, try not to be arriving during the early hours of the morning or very late at night.

Planning your holidays and all flights with the best preparation you can helps make travel a truly enjoyable experience. The scenery, the service, the relaxation, the culture of airports, and people. The atmosphere alive with expectation,just waiting for you to take part and experience the world of travel and leisure.

Hi there, I am a New Zealander living in the USA. I have been in the USA for 6 months now and enjoying the amazing array of cultures, history and scenery.

I also write articles for hubpages and this is where you can find a mix of articles from how to make easy "Pumpkin soup" to" Why Did America Replace God with Science", and others.

I am also a wife and mother to three fantastic sons. Reading, travel, music, and people are interests that stir my blood.

As we currently reside in one of the Southern States, being in the cradle of the civil war, I am eager to read up on the history side while I'm here. The accent is delightful and the people just like back home, sometimes shy but always friendly. I'm guessing I am a bit of a novelty too.

I look forward to sharing other articles or have you read the ones Ive written. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks y'all (are you impressed yet)

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