July 23, 2009

Achieving Cheap Airfare is Not Rocket Science

Big and busy airports tend to levy higher taxes on the airlines, hence airlines which do not use busy airports and alternatively use some nearby airports tend to be cheaper. However if it is a national carrier and is flying back to its country, it may not need.

There are countless people out there looking for ways to achieve cheap airfare, they think it is some kind of special science that only who are in the travel industry can decipher the code which leads to ultimate cheap airfares. That is not entirely a true statement. Though people who have spent their entire lives working in travel industry specially with airlines, they ought to have more understanding of how the fairs are calculated and how one can achieve cheap airfare but as the saying goes, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that tropical region is hot and humid and that the closer you get to the poles, cooler it gets. Similar is the case with achieving cheap airfare. It's purely economics and business sense. Let me put down some facts before we discuss how one can achieve cheap airfare.

The airline will always want to make highest possible profits.

The consumer (you) would always want to pay the least possible fare.

There is competition in the airline industry. The airline would also want to sell more seats than their competitors. They try to woo the customers by lowering their price compared to their competitors. The airline would not want to fly with empty seats; they rather sell seats for fraction of the standard fare to attract customers at the last moment.

People do not prefer to fly at odd times like late nights or early mornings. The airline would generally lower prices of their flight which either depart or arrive at odd times such as early mornings or late nights.
To pay some airport taxes and may prove to be cheaper.

Now that you know few facts about the travel industry you will easily understand that what are the things to be kept in mind to achieve cheap airfare. Let's go and see them once more briefly.

Last minute travel could prove to yield cheap airfare.
Round trips cost much less when compared to two one way tickets.

Traveling in the middle of the week is a good idea, there is less demand to travel in the middle of the week (Tuesday & Wednesday), and hence the airlines deliberately keep the prices low to attract travelers.

*Try flying from and land at a nearby airport to the principal airport.
*Try flying and landing at odd time of the day/night.
*Booking flight tickets in advance (at least a month) can also yield cheap airfare.
*If you are a student, a senior citizen or if you fall under any other special category. You should ask the airline if they can give some kind of discount, many airlines do, they cannot read your mind, you would have to ask them.
*Try comparing prices on the travel portals and check up the airlines website directly, they may have special deals.

If you can understand the above, you are bound to reduce your travel bill by 25% if not 50% .

Mike Sen is the expert travel agent based in Los Angeles CA. He is dealing with various airlines, travel services, hotel car booking services which provides Cheap Airfare and Cheap Airfares for global, US domestic and international flights.

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